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Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick - Your ultimate garden companion for enhancing cellular activity and promoting vitality in your garden! Create a beautiful and environmentally friendly garden paradise!

Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick uses the latest biological cell division technology from the University of California-Berkeley, which is specially developed to stimulate the vigorous growth of your root system, the active synthesis of chlorophyll, and the blooming of flower buds. Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick, simple and efficient, meets all your gardening needs, whether it is seedling revival or transplant resistance, it can be easily handled.

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I love growing Phalaenopsis, it is one of the joys of my life. Using the Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick, I successfully propagated a new Phalaenopsis from the leaves. This is an incredible miracle because I never thought I would be able to see such beautiful Phalaenopsis in just two months.

The emergence of this technology is undoubtedly a revolutionary breakthrough in plant cultivation. Not only does it increase the rate of plant reproduction, but it can also produce more plants through the leaves. This is undoubtedly great news for those who love plants                         John Doe  .   Texas


My vegetable garden was not growing properly until I used Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick which brought my vegetable garden to life. My vegetable garden has come to life since I started using this amazing biotech product. The effect is very significant. My vegetables are no longer dull but vibrant and green. It provides rich nutrients and nutrient groups needed by plants. Its use is also very simple. Just follow the instructions and it can provide comprehensive nourishment for vegetables without destroying the ecological balance of the soil. Moreover, Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick does not contain any harmful chemicals and is completely in line with the concept of green environmental protection. For me who care about food safety and environmental health, this is undoubtedly a huge advantage. ——mindy_jessup Alabama

I have a tomato garden in Iowa, and recently they got sick, which caused the yield to drop. My friend recommended me to use Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick. After using Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick, I was surprised. I discovered that my tomato garden's yields were back to previous levels, or even higher. This biotech product not only helped my plants resist disease, but also increased their growth rate and health.
In addition to increasing yields and restoring health, using Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick has reduced my reliance on chemical pesticides, reducing adverse effects on the environment and the plants themselves. This biotech product not only helps protect plants and the environment, but also helps improve the quality and taste of crops.
In summary, Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick is a very effective biotech product that has helped me solve disease problems in my tomato garden and increase yield and quality. I highly recommend this product to other farmers and gardening enthusiasts. ——ebaughjohn . iowa

I have always wanted to grow succulents very beautifully, but I could never find a good nutrient. When I saw the Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick used by my neighbor, my eyes lit up. Succulents require special nutrition and care, and this biotech product is tailor-made for them.
I asked my neighbor for advice on how to use it and decided to give it a try. After using Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick, I noticed that my succulents grew significantly faster without any disease or problems. This makes me very satisfied and makes me more determined to continue using this product.
Now, not only are my succulents growing beautifully, but they are also in excellent condition. They have become one of the most popular plants in my home and I have made many like-minded friends. ——Laurel.Georgia

Solve various problems: No matter what problems your beloved plants encounter, such as: insect bites, root rot, leaf withering, low temperature freeze damage, fungal infection, and nutritional deficiencies, we can easily solve it.

USDA Certified

Dr. Jason at USDA contributes to building a sustainable society in symbiosis with the natural environment by developing biological production technologies and ensuring a stable supply of safe and reliable food; elucidating biological functions and utilizing biological resources; and obtaining protection, management and Leveraging the creation, restoration, expertise and technical knowledge of biological environments. These researchers will help solve problems related to food, life and the environment from an international perspective, but work at a regional level. Facing natural disasters and the public’s lack of planting knowledge! Dr. Jason certified lThonesr™ Cell Activity Stick to facilitate people’s daily planting needs! Convenience and worry-free


Stimulate plant growth and health: Our Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which acts as a plant growth catalyst, helping roots to thrive and enhancing plant resistance. Cell activity stick not only stimulates vigorous growth of roots, but also significantly increases chlorophyll production, enriches the diversity of flower buds, and makes your plants healthier and more lush.

Suitable for all plants: Our convenient and easy-to-use cell activity stick simplifies the process of plant propagation while providing a strong backing for the revival of seedlings and cuttings. Let your garden come alive and enjoy the harvest!

Stimulates stronger roots: Helps optimize plant health and growth when transplanting. Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick provides the perfect solution to quickly stimulate rapid root growth and continue to keep plants alive, whether they are moved to a new location or repotted.

EASY AND EFFICIENT USE: Integrating this fertilizer into your garden care is easy. You can mix Thonesr™ BioTech Vigor-D9 cell activity stick with potting soil evenly and then embed it in the trench in the pot; or dissolve it directly in water and spray it on the plants. Either way, your plants will enjoy the nourishment of fertilizer and thrive

VERSATILE: Whether you're growing fruits, succulents, flowering varieties, ferns or leafy vegetables, our fertilizers can meet your garden's needs. It works on a variety of plant species, filling your garden with life and variety.


Material: fertilizer
Weight: 100g
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Thonesr™ VerdeVita Organic Long-Term Fertilizer Tablets


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